- Título: Knowledge base for growth and innovation in ocean economy: assembly and dissemnination of marine data for seabed mapping. LOT No: 5- BIOLOGY

- Acrónimo: EMODNET LOT 5

- Investigador principal: Nogueira García, Enrique

- Fecha inicio: 01/09/2013

- Fecha final: 01/09/2016

- Abstract:

Marine biodiversity data are essential to measure and study the ecosystem health of maritime basins. These data are often collected with limited spatial and temporal scope and are scattered over different organizations in small datasets for a specific species group or habitat. Therefore there is a continuous need to assemble these individual datasets, and process them into interoperable biological data products for assessing the environmental state of overall ecosystems and complete sea basins.

Large marine biological data systems have been created to store, archive and integrate marine biological data across the EU. Making use of existing systems and initiatives, a consortium of institutes responsible for safeguarding and disseminating marine biological observations and data, created during the preparatory action of the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet, 2009-2011) an interoperable data network, in order to maximise access to marine biological data for any type of user on a marine basin- or region-wide basis.